AGRADE Ltd. is developing widely spread buisiness ideas on every field of living space, all over the world.

Delivery examples

Delivery examples


Here are some examples of how we have helped customers in Japan and overseas.

Domestic examples

Local self-government

Delivering home appliance returns to local governments in hometown tax payments.


Delivery of earphones, headphones and other audio equipment to music schools

Wedding ceremony

Delivery of game consoles and the latest household appliances as prizes for wedding receptions, etc.


Delivering the same type of equipment to hotels and inns to match the number of rooms.

Foreign examples

We continue to receive orders for high quality Japanese traditional crafts and kitchenware, both famous and unknown.


Expanding our business globally

With the support of a dedicated staff member, we can make proposals tailored to your needs.

Latest home appliances, traditional crafts, etc.

We offer a wide range of products from various fields of life.