AGRADE Ltd. is developing widely spread buisiness ideas on every field of living space, all over the world.


Business contents


We aim ~community through our work

Export business

Contributiion to manufacturing culture

Agrade’s export business, introducing Japanese manufacturing culture We expand overseas business mainly in China and the ASEAN region. And we expand trade business, build distribution networks, and contribute to the development of Japanese manufacturing culture.

Wholesale in Japan

The best suggestion from diverse needs

Our customers are retail stores in/ out of Japan, mail order companies, home centers, drug stores and wholesalers. We are always thinking, “when and what to sell, what’s the best way to sell and attract customers’ to satisfy the needs.

Our strengths

responsiveness because of our expanding globally

Our personalized staff supports and satisfies your needs.

Drlivery examples

We try to satisfy all of our custmers.

Here are some cases of our delivery. Please feel free to ask for a price quote.

Process of a transaction

We consider requests on a case by case basis.

We will show the flow of trading. We try to meet your needs flexibly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please make an inquiry about a quote anytime.